Nice to Go / Nice to Come Home

Having been raised Irish Catholic, I am very good at feeling very bad about things. Case in point: My first night out after Liam was born. Once he was born, he became the all-encompassing center of our lives. I felt a lot of anxiety when I went back to work just a week after his birth, because I want to see his every little development as well as help my wife. But I need my job to pay for bills and what-not; going to my first concert after becoming a dad is an indulgence. Also fun and totally worth it.

I went to see Restorations and Luther at Siren Records up north in Doylestown, Pa. It was a good show overall, but man did I have problems at first. The boy and I were having some quality bonding time beforehand, so much so that my wife actually made fun of me about my lack of leaving. And while I love punk music as a whole, I find a decent amount of self-described punks to be insufferable and petty, something magnified by the fact that I care way more about seeing my son than I do, say, justifying the Org’s involvement with Buzz Media. So the fact that I would want to go out made me feel a wee bit ashamed.

I also just felt straight up old. The first band, Ronald Raygun, was all teens, and they brought out a decidedly teenage audience. For those who haven’t been to Doylestown, the streets overflow with sweet teen meat on weekends. It’s weird. And, being a good decade older than most of the people who (initially) came to the show, I automatically felt like a creepster. Rock ‘n’ roll is for the young. Or at least people with disposable income.

But I toughed it out (and bought the latest records from the Evens, Hop Along and Earth! Hurray indie record stores! Boo being able to afford groceries!). And lo and behold, the median age gradually shifted. I was among peers (i.e. – balding dudes). Luther and Restorations both put on great sets. Then I got to go home to my loving family.

I’m glad I went out, and I think it’s important for parents to set aside alone time. Like, completely alone (although my wife and I are definitely going to start setting up date nights as well). I have a certain limit where I can’t be social or civil anymore, because a caged punk is still a disgruntled punk, and I just need to go off and do something else. Not a whole lot; right now I’m thinking maybe one concert a month. Which should coincide nicely with that Office of Future Plans show coming up in March

Norristown, PA

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